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„Songs full of rhythm and energy“ - A Review At

September 2015. Author Gianni Montano reviewed the album Back & Fourth for the Italian online-magazine He found a professional and proficient band and hears an convincing and puposeful album with a certain amound of grimes but also exactitude. The songs are full of rhythm and energy, where you can feel an amount of jazz without being dominant, writes Montano.

First Album Back & Fourth Out Now - "Impressive" Says Berliner Zeitung

January 2015. Jazz journalist Christian Broecking reviewed the album in the weekend special of the Berliner Zeitung, one of Germans major daily newspaper, who only cover rarely on jazz related issues. Broecking, author of books, journalist and music-sociologist, finds the album "successful" and "impressive".

Jazz Magazine Jazzthing Hears "Pliant Sounds"

February 2015. The hip German Jazzmagazine Jazzthing hears "pliant sounds between jazz-rock, soul, funk and pop". Keyboardist Thibault Falk "draw on various instruments all the stops" and his Clavinet solo in the song DFG is praised by author Rolf Thomas as "delightfully nasty". The sophisticated bass lines of the compositions go down well: "Shota Higashikawa shines on a perk pulsating electric bass." Oliver's decision, to add a few more horn lines and a little percussion to the quartet recordings on some of the recorded songs, the reviewer does not really like. In conclusion, he believes "that the music develops on stage a funky undertow."

Two nights in "Unsere kleine Nachtmusik" at 3SatTextVision

November 2014. Two nights in november the album Back & Fourth of Oliver Hafke Ahmad could be heard on 27. and 28. Nov. 2014 in the series "Unsere kleine Nachtmusik" at 3SatTextVision, the video text system of the German-Austrian culture & arts tv program 3sat.


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